Omega DeFi Reward System

OPM, pDAI Holders Reward System

Dear Omegans, If you’re reading this chances are you’re pretty interested in DeFi (Decentralised Finance) and today i’m gonna walk you through one particular DeFi project that has getting a lot of buzz in the Asian market. More specifically, in the southeast part of Asia.

Let’s start with the Introduction- It’s said to be the very first Southeast Asian DeFi Protocol Project that is a decentralised finance (Open Finance) referring to the crypto assets and ethereum smart contracts, protocols and decentralised application (dApp) built on the ethereum blockchain.

Omega Protocol consists of few major services and products

  • OMGSwap- Omega Protocol’s own swapping service

  • DEX- Own decentralised exchange

    Many others like Prime Staking and Prime vault are their upcoming products.
    You can learn more about their products and services here

    A long introduction out of the way, let’s dive in a bit deeper.
    Our focusing point would be on two of their Main tokens which are #OPM and #pDAI respectively.
    The first one #OPM is their ERC20 utility token and the second one #pDAI is a stable asset for OWGSwap and O-DEX (mentioned above)

These tokens are currently listed on many reputable exchanges

Just to name a few and lot of other future exchange listings are on its way.

Let’s come to the main talking point and one which that just might turn out to be something that you’d be really interested and that is, “Omega DeFi Reward System”

You might be asking what do i have to do with it! Well, if you’re someone who’s interest in Omega Protocol or just getting to come to know about it then let me explain in short, It’s basically a reward system that’s meant for the #OPM and #pDAI holders.
Simple right? Fortunately it is.

You just need to meet few criteria and you’ll be earning reward by doing basically nothing!!

Few simple requirements

Minimum holdings needed as follows

200,000 or more OPM

10,000 or more pDAI

Calculations would be taken for eligibility on the 2nd and 4th week of each month. So needless to say you have to store it safely and untouched for the whole month as long as you wanna keep receiving rewards.
Once you’ve altered the total holding amount of any of the tokens during the calculation period which is 2nd and 4th week of each month, you’ll be unfortunately removed from the reward system.

This is a great initiative if you’re looking for investing in a legitimate and optimistic project for the long run and getting rewards based on your holdings is just a win-win in my books. Rewards gonna be live for the next 6 months and just imagine if many as you are holding it for rewards and people who get onboard later down the road how much benefited you could be.

I would suggest you to do your own research before any kind of investment decision

Few useful links for Omega Protocol Ltd.