New Innovations in the Cryptocurrency Space

DeFi is a promising movement that is now where Bitcoin found itself five years ago: Gaining traction but still establishing its most attractive use cases. While specific trends have emerged in DeFi, that process of evolution, experimentation, and ultimately consolidation likely has many more years to run.

Thanks to new innovations in the cryptocurrency space

Namely the rise of staking, this is already a reality for some crypto investors.

Staking is the process by which crypto investors stake, or lock up as collateral, crypto assets in order to help secure blockchain networks by periodically validating transactions. For their contributions to the network, stakers are periodically paid in newly minted crypto assets and/or transaction fees.

In many cases, staking requires minimal setup or technical know-how, as opposed to mining, another form of securing blockchain networks that is usually very technical and requires physical equipment.

In this post, we’ll tell you what a proof of stake coin is as well as the best proof of stake coins so you can kick back and have that easy passive income start rolling in!